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Corporate Door Gift Idea: Goodies Gift Box by 603 Tau Sar Piah

Goodies Gift Box by 603 Tau Sar Piah

Hello there, here’s a corporate door gift idea for you! 603 Tau Sar Piah can prepare beautiful gift boxes filled with our delicious cupcakes and macarons customised specially to your needs.

We were approached to prepare a corporate door gift for a customer’s new office opening. They wanted the gift box to be beautiful and eye catching, and also specifically requested this shade of blue on the cupcake.

We have here 5 exciting macaron flavours – Lychee, Black Sesame with Matcha, Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate, Raspberry, and Chocolate Ganache. Our absolute favourite is the black sesame with matcha. Fluffy, slightly chewy, and filled with rich matcha filling. The black sesame provides a pleasantly nutty flavour that is almost savoury, striking a precise harmony with the sweet and creamy matcha filling.

While you may not see it here, each of the 4 cupcakes actually take a differently flavoured base. One has a chocolate filled core, the other is cookie dough, there’s one with caramel, and the last one is filled with blueberry jam. With this, there’s a little element of surprise in each moist chocolate-sponge cupcake and guests can look forward to tasting all the different flavours. Topped with chocolate cream and decorated with fresh fruits, the colours and textures further beautify the gift box.

For one of the cupcakes, we opted to place a flat white chocolate sheet as the topping. On this sheet, the text is customisable to your needs – here we have a short and sweet “thank you for coming!”, to show appreciation to clients and friends who took time to join in the event celebrations.

corporate door gift 603 Tau Sar Piah Corporate Gift Box

We can print stickers with your company or event logo to seal each individual gift box, adding a personal touch and giving an added level of customisation to the gift. Finally, we top it off with a dainty ribbon.

Beautiful, special, and delicious – a customised goodies gift box is the perfect corporate door gift your clients will love!

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